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My Inspection Philosophy


Beyond the obvious of providing the most comprehensive condition report of a property possible,

with digital photos to support recommendations,

I have always felt that the inspection and report should be a pleasant experience for all concerned,

even when significant health and safety issue are identified.


My approach, when significant issues do arise, is to explain, in detail, the issue, and recommend options.

I look for the reaction of the inspection participants, and try to address any thoughts that do not apply to the issue,

keeping the focus directly on the issue.

Most of the time, the recommendation is to inquire with an expert (usually licensed) on the issue.

If a replacement or repair is warranted, then understanding the costs is worthwhile,

as part of the escrow negotiating process, to understand the actual purchase price.


Along with the condition reporting, I always recommend that clients join me at the inspection, (walking with me,

if they would like) so I can explain any report issues, and answer all questions on how the home was built,

and informational benefits like how heat & air condition or, water heaters work (etc.),

and preventive maintenance and energy saving tips.


As a certified inspector with CREIA (the state authority) & ASHI (the national authority).

All of my reports for homes, commercial properties

comply with the CREIA / ASHI "Standards of Practice" & "Code of Ethics"


My experience is from my years as a residential Project Manager, prior to starting my property inspection company.

This gives me the ability to discuss related issues of grading, soil mechanics, street improvements,

wet & dry utilities, HOAs (etc.) which I encourage my clients to learn about.


All of the above are important (for my clients) to better understand the home they are buying,

and have more comfort in the investment as you move in and start living in your new home. 


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