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Furnace - Clean or replace filters. The cooling and heating efficiency is greatly reduced by dirt getting into your furnace or building up on your filter and preventing proper air flow.

 GFCIs - Ground fault circuit interrupter or "outlets with a mission!" These outlets are actually little circuit breakers that protect from shock or fire in areas that are especially vulnerable in your home. They are generally found in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere there is a chance of water getting into the outlet. Test these special circuit breakers (outlets with a red button in the middle) by pushing the TEST button. If it doesn't TEST, it won't protect you!

Every Six Months

Hint: at the shift to/from daylight savings

Circuit Breakers - These should be turned off and then on again. Breakers can stick ON and cause a fire if there is an overload.

Water Heater - Flush (not drain) to prevent mineral deposits; check emergency pressure release valve; check flue for obstructions and proper drafting. For your safety, this should NEVER be attempted if you are unsure of ALL the procedures involved.

Dryer - Check the vent hoses for lint build up. The hose can fill up with flammable lint even if the filter is in-place and frequently cleaned. Taking a few minutes to remove this lint could prevent a possible fire. Metal vents are safer than plastic ones.

Smoke Detectors - Check for proper operation. When replacing batteries, mark the date on them with a permanent marker. The little annoying beep that you sometimes hear from your smoke detector means the battery is low.

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Highly suggested in all homes using natural or propane gas appliances.

 Water Shutoff Valves - Turn completely off and then completely on again. If they drip, gently tighten the packing nut.

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