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Consolidated Furnaces
"Progressing Stages Of Fire Involvement"

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A typical consolidated furnace installation. This one is an HBA model. Adding to the fire hazard is the attraction to use the attic for storage. In the fire service this is referred to as "fuel load" Once open flame erupts from the furnace, the fire spreads rapidly involving the entire attic.


 Photo 2 - Charring proceeding fire
The char below the furnace is evidence of the furnace running hot enough to ignite the wood deck. Repeat charring preceeds open flame and a structure fire.

TFD Incident #99-11014                12/30/99

Photo 3 - Fire burning through mounting deck
This HBA model "Premier" has burned a hole through the deck it was resting on, and started through the 2x6 framing below.

TFD Incident #98-9635                12/26/98
  Photo 4 - Fire burning through support beams
Looking up from the hallway through the ceiling to the bottom of a Premier furnace that has burned through its plywood support deck and was burning the support beams.

TFD Incident #98-9012                12/28/98
Photo 5 - Fire progressing to attic and floor below
This furnace has burned through the deck and support beams. Fire has extended to the attic and floor below.

Redondo Beach Fire Inc. #98-1322                4/3/98
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This furnace fire has burned through its supports and has involved the attic and closet below.

Redondo Beach Fire Inc. #98-1322                4/3/98


Consolidated Furance Fire TFD 01-243 Plaza Del Amo Torrance01.jpg (19672 bytes)
Condominium fire in Torrance was caused by a
Consolidated Industries/Bard 60,000 Btu furnace.

TFD Incident #01-243


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